How you can get organized and manage your content easily

Staying organized at work is crucial to meet deadlines, be productive, and achieve a healthy work-life balance. But for many work-from-home creative people, like writers, it’s not always easy to establish a routine. Clients come and go, and workload varies, making for unpredictable workdays. But scheduling tasks is still necessary…

An Easy Self-Publishing Solution for New Authors

Self-publishing is an intimidating experience if you are a first-time author. There are many things to consider like:

  • Should you have a printed book or an eBook?
  • How can you get a book cover that really represents what your book is about?
  • Where do you distribute your book?
  • How can…

How to manage multiple clients without sacrificing customer service

What is your writing business’s most valuable asset? Typically, for freelance writers, the biggest asset is our clients. However, building and maintaining strong relationships with those who hire you is more complicated than it seems. As your business grows, you may need help managing multiple clients. That’s where customer relationship…

Jennifer Berube

Content Strategist | Writer | Photographer | Owner of Jennifer Berube Writing Services — providing professional content & copywriting

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